I’ve been developing Web applications and sites for almost a decade now.

The things I’m best at are architecture, code quality and maintainability, and automated testing.

I’m a great supplement to teams mostly focused on end-user features. I take on higher level problems like architecture and infrastructure to boost the process of delivery of end-user features.

If you’re interested in my help, contact me via elnur@elnur.pro.


Prior to working with Elnur, I was one of those developers who knew that I should be testing my code, but I had no idea about the right way to do it. It seemed like much more work than was necessary, and my tests always turned out to be brittle. I had read books, articles, and blogs about testing, but something was still missing from my repertoire.

Once I started working with Elnur, he lead by example and I started to understand how tests are actually supposed to be written. I learned all about the various aspects of testing, such as integration, unit, end-to-end, and validation testing. I also learned the difference between TDD and BDD. I now feel much more confident about testing, and wouldn’t dare to write a system without them in place. Tests now help drive the way I write code, and I am slowly implementing them into legacy systems that I work on. I finally “get it”, and I feel empowered as a developer.

Elnur is a great teacher, and I highly recommend him to coach you on how to write tests for your systems. Many developers don’t understand the right way to do this stuff, and he is one of the few who actually does.

Learning to test is like getting your vision when you were blind your whole life.

Brayden Williams
Redstar Media