Highly Opinionated Thoughts on Programming

by Elnur Abdurrakhimov

Use the Same Database System for Testing You Use in Production

May 4, 2014

I see a lot of people suggesting to use SQLite — or some other light database system — for testing because it’s faster than what they use in production and hence end-to-end tests will run faster. Not a very bright idea.

ORM Is Not a Choice and How to Make It Suck Less

Apr 26, 2014

There is a lot of ORM hate lately. Some people even call it The Vietnam of Computer Science.

BDD Does Not Replace Testing

Apr 23, 2014

It seems that the biggest reason for BDD done wrong is the notion that BDD is a new shiny form of TDD and thus one completely replaces the other. They completely abandon technical tests and start using BDD for everything. No wonder it fails and they go complaining that BDD sucks and then switch completely back from BDD to technical tests.

Use Only Infrastructural Bundles in Symfony

Apr 20, 2014

There are lots of bundles for Symfony. Some of them are infrastructural while others go too far and affect the domain and database schema for them to work properly. I use only infrastructural bundles and suggest you do the same.

Stop Playing God With Project Constraints

Apr 14, 2014

You know how it goes. Something is so obvious to you that you think it’s obvious and well known to everybody else. But then you meet people that have no clue. You try to explain the topic to them but they don’t seem to get it and keep enforcing their own agenda.

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