I have over a decade of experience in many areas of software development with both Java and PHP:

  • Setting up and automating development/staging and production infrastructure on AWS;
  • Migrating to AWS from other hosting services;
  • Creating and maintaining solid architecture and/or improving existing one;
  • Migrating monolithic systems to microservices;
  • Gathering requirements;
  • Designing and implementing features based on those requirements;
  • Optimizing performance and scalability of existing code and databases;
  • Automating tests;
  • Automating continuous integration and deployment;
  • Doing code/PR reviews;
  • Mentoring teams, transferring my knowledge to them.

Many companies lack in some of these areas. That’s where I come in and solve problems, making your company more awesome.

I’m very flexible about work arrangement. I could be a part time consultant helping your development team in the areas they lack. Or I could be a full time contractor helping in many areas at the same time. We just need to start working together and see where it goes.

Interested? Ping me.